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Bertozzi & Casoni © Bertozzi & Casoni

»But is not transitoriness – the perishableness of life – something very sad? No! It is the very soul of existence.« Thomas Mann once wrote in praise of transience. Transience is the theme of Bertozzi & Casoni's original ceramic still lifes. The sculptures with objects from the world of commodities and typical props from vanitas still lifes are apt metaphors for the wasteful abundance of consumerist society. The Italian duo’s virtuoso craftsmanship and abundance of ideas lend the tradition of the Vanitas still lifes gets a contemporary urgency.

The artist duo Bertozzi & Casoni was founded in 1980 by Giampaolo Bertozzi (born 1957 in Borgo Tossignano) and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni (born 1961 in Lugo di Romagna) in Imola, Italy. The artists studied at the renowned Istituto Statale d'Arte per la Ceramica di Faenza and at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Bologna. Bertozzi & Casoni have been working for more than 35 years with ceramics, one of the oldest cultural techniques – a level of devotion to a single medium rare by contemporary standards. Through their passionate engagement with ceramic techniques and exploration of the material’s possibilities, they create opulent still life compositions that are deceptively realistic and lively. Buckets and baskets overflow with waste in painterly relish, so that animals can't help but visit the tempting abundance. In the connection of the beautiful with the unsightly, the relationship between man and nature is thematized. The decay of things becomes a mirror for mass reproducibility and our wasteful lifestyle. With subtle irony, the artists remind us that life is finite, but they also show us that transience can lead to regeneration. Their works impressively combine traditional craftsmanship with current social themes. The spectrum of their sculptural work ranges from small to monumental. In December 2017, the »Museo Bertozzi & Casoni« opened at the Cavallerizza Ducale in Sassuolo, Modena, Italy, which permanently presents their works. Bertozzi & Casoni live and work in Imola, Italy.


1957 Giampaolo Bertozzi born in Bologna, IT
1961 Stefano Dal Monte Casoni born in Ravenna, IT
1980 Foundation of the artist duo »Bertozzi & Casoni«
1985 – 1989 Collaboration in a research program with the »Cooperativa Ceramica di Imola« which, among other things, resulted in the project of a large exterior wall paneling at the hospital in Imola, titled »Ditelo con i fiori«
2017 Opening of the »Bertozzi & Casoni« Museum within the »Cavallerizza Ducale« Ceramics Museum in Sassuolo, IT

Works (Selection)

Bertozzi & Casoni, Vaso con mazzo di fiori, 2019, © Bertozzi & Casoni, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Bertozzi & Casoni, Vaso con mazzo di fiori, 2019, © Bertozzi & Casoni, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Bertozzi & Casoni, Valigetta del pittore, 2018, © Ber
Bertozzi & Casoni, Valigetta del pittore, 2018, © Ber
Bertozzi & Casoni, Rosa, 2016, © Bertozzi & Casoni, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Bertozzi & Casoni, Rosa, 2016, © Bertozzi & Casoni, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Bertozzi & Casoni, Vaso con dalie bianche, 2014, © Bertozzi & Casoni, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Bertozzi & Casoni, Vaso con dalie bianche, 2014, © Bertozzi & Casoni, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Bertozzi & Casoni, Ossobello, 2013, © Bertozzi & Casoni
Bertozzi & Casoni, Disgrazia con tulipani rossi, 2012, © Bertozzi & Casoni, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Solo exhibitions (selection)

1998 Bertozzi & Casoni, 1000 Eventi Gallery, Milan, IT

Group exhibitions (selection)

1998 Eccentrica, Rocca Sforzesca, Imola, IT



BE Highlights 2020

BE Highlights 2020

  • Artists: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Aljoscha, Herbert Beck, Gehard Demetz, Bertozzi & Casoni, Joachim Brohm, Marc Chagall, Heribert C. Ottersbach, Kwang Young Chun, Lucien Clergue, Piero Dorazio, Gerhard Hoehme, Anselm Kiefer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Heinz Mack, August Macke, Fausto Melotti, Giorgio Morandi, Edvard Munch, Emil Nolde, Pablo Picasso, Fabrizio Plessi, Rudolf Polanszky, Chris Reinecke, Gerhard Richter, Norbert Tadeusz, Manolo Valdés
    Editor: Michael Beck, Ute Eggeling
    Text: Aljoscha, Michael Beck, Jil Campisi, Ute Eggeling, Andrea Knop, Andrea Krause, Kirsten Nordahl, Katja Ott, Heribert C. Ottersbach, Sebastian Schemann, Miriam Walgate
    Design: Antonia Eggeling
  • English, German
    Softcover, 25 x 21 cm
    120 pages, 92 illustrations
  • Beck & Eggeling Kunstverlag, 2020
    ISBN 978-3-94606324-7
  • 20 €
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Renaissance Reloaded. Deconstructing Piero della Francesca

Renaissance Reloaded. Deconstructing Piero della Francesca

  • Artists: Aljoscha, Gisela Beck, Herbert Beck, Gehard Demetz, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Bertozzi & Casoni, Alkis Boutlis, Michael Craig-Martin, Heribert C. Ottersbach, Joachim Elzmann, Dorothee Golz, Wolf Hamm, Anton Henning, Thomas Kesseler, Julia Kissina, Jiri Kolar, Victor Kraus, Heinz Mack, Xavier Mascaró, Vik Muniz, Hartmut Neumann, Morio Nishimura, Apostolos Palavrakis, Pablo Picasso, Katharina Schilling, Emma Stibbon, Manolo Valdés, Andy Warhol, William Wegman, Stefan à Wengen, Thomas Wrede
    Editor: Ute Eggeling, Michael Beck
    Text: Michael Beck, Alkis Boutlis, Jil Gärtner, Wolf Hamm, Thomas Kesseler, Antonia Lehmann-Tolkmitt, Heinz Mack, Xavier Mascaró, Kirsten Nordahl, Stefan à Wengen, Thomas Wrede
    Design: Beck & Eggeling (Martina Löhle)
  • German, English, Italian
    Hardcover, 28 x 24 cm
    128 pages, 82 illustrations
  • Beck & Eggeling Kunstverlag, 2013
    ISBN 978-3-93091982-6
  • 30 €
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