Lucien Clergue - Nudes

Vintage Prints from the 1950s until now

Beck & Eggeling show a selection of nude photographs by the French artist Lucien Clergue (born 1934), that were created in the period from the 1950s until now.

In 2003, Clergue was named „grandmaster of nude photography“ by a journalist of the newspaper „Die Welt“. Nude portraits are of special importance in Clergue's oeuvre, as he has been photographing nudes with a distinctive signature since the 1950s, and still does. His „zebra nudes“, in which he experiments with the effects of stroboscopes, are arguably just as famous as the early pieces „Nu de la mer“, in which nude female bodies are surrounded by waves like rocks by the sea.

Lucien Clergue further is well known for his friendship with Pablo Picasso and his cooperation with Jean Cocteau. As co-founder of one of the most important international festivals of photography, the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in his hometown Arles, Clergue has gained merits in promoting photography as an art in France.


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