Apostolos Palavrakis. DAS GELÄNDE / PLATEAUX. Works from four decades

On the occasion of his 60th birthday, which Apostolos Palavrakis celebrated some time ago, we are presenting an exhibition of works from the last 40 years of his artistic career. Since 1984 we have accompanied the development of the Greek artist's oeuvre not only as gallery owners, but above all as friends. The conversations about his multifaceted oeuvre, constantly evolving in different disciplines, with a common thread running through it, enrich our friendship.

The exhibition DAS GELÄNDE / PLATEAUX offers a current understanding and inventory of his work. For Apostolos Palavrakis, his work does not form a self-contained unity, but rather an open "multiplicity" (Deleuze/ Guattari, Mille Plateaux), in which the individual works both create meaning from within themselves and, in their connections to one another, allow new contexts and levels of meaning to emerge. The artist leaves this "terrain" to the viewer as a map and guide. For him, everything that art "wants" is immanent in the works. Whoever gets involved, opens up to the work, explores the terrain, enters the network, discovers new levels of reading, as it were, in a labyrinthine library.


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