Manolo Valdés. Los Materiales

Last time, we found Manolo hard at work on a variety of sculptures. Working by hand, he was treating wood, clay, plaster, wire, lead, twine, and cut or torn cardboard, among other materials. These are the “ingredients” required by Manolo in order to realize his projects, transforming in his own imagination the models and sources of inspiration he has discovered and singled out during visits to museums around the world. Intuitively and with impressive certainty, Manolo Valdés masters this enthralling but undoubtedly hazardous tightrope walk through the great works of art of all cultures. To date, he has never felt exposed to the danger of becoming epigonal, of drawing to close to his favorite prototypical images. Before anything else, Manolo’s works are always his own creations, and only then do they narrate another history: that of the great artistic achievements of our civilization and their contents. Guillermo Solana describes this phenomenon very beautifully in terms of a fascination with the so-called »matryoshka«, those Russian wooden dolls which nest one inside the next, each harboring its own a little secret, its surprise – and one always worth finding out. For us, the same is true of Manolo’s works, which we never tire of contemplating, and which always offer opportunities for discovering the unexpected.

Ute Eggeling, Michael Beck, excerpt from the foreword

Artist: Manolo Valdés
Editor: Ute Eggeling, Michael Beck
Text: Guillermo Solana

English, German
63 pages, 40 illustrations

Available works of the artist

Manolo Valdés, Perfil X, 2022
Manolo Valdés, Perfil X, 2022
Manolo Valdés, Clio Blanca, 2020
Manolo Valdés, Clio Blanca, 2020
Manolo Valdés, Cabeza azul, 2019
Manolo Valdés, Cabeza azul, 2019
Manolo Valdés, La pamela, 2017
Manolo Valdés, La pamela, 2017
Manolo Valdés, Ivy III, 2017
Manolo Valdés, Retrato con diadema blanca, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Perfil sobre fondo azul, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Fiore, 2016/17
Manolo Valdés, Fiore, 2016
Manolo Valdés, Head V, 2016
Manolo Valdés, Golden Ivy, 2016
Manolo Valdés, Marisol, 2015
Manolo Valdés, The Cartier, 2008
Manolo Valdés, Caballero', 2006
Manolo Valdés, Donna d'Italia II, 2004
Manolo Valdés, El cubismo como pretexto 7, 2003, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Manolo Valdés, De Cranach a Lichtenstein VIII, 2002
Manolo Valdés, De Cranach a Lichtenstein V, 2002
Manolo Valdés, Rembrandt I, 1987

Associated exhibition

Manolo Valdés. Los Materiales

Manolo Valdés. Los Materiales

Dusseldorf / 9 May – 13 June 2009



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